HR & payroll

We offer professional, comprehensive HR and payroll services compliance with local legislative requirements.

Our HR services

  • Comprehensive management of personal files and work records, recording and accounting for annual leave as well as absences and recesses, supervision of employee medical examinations and deadlines health and safety and fire training
  • Preparing and recording employment contracts, documents related to civil law contractors
  • Development and implementation of working and compensation regulations, Employee Benefit Fund (ZFŚS) regulations, use of company telephones and vehicles, etc.
  • Determining entitlements, recording and accounting for annual leave as well as absences and recesses
  • Preparing of work certificates

Our payroll services

  • Processing of payroll information and calculation of staff remuneration
  • Providing and updating compensation cards
  • Preparing and submitting social security declarations (ZUS), tax returns and other documents in accordance with Polish regulations
  • Preparing payments to the Social Insurance Authority (ZUS), tax offices
  • Preparing salary transfers, preparing and submitting pay slips
  • Preparing of employees annual tax returns
  • Issuing of compensation, employment and income certificates

Client’s benefits

  • Professional care and support by experts in HR and payroll
  • Opportunity to reduce HR and payroll costs
  • Transfer of responsibility to an external company
  • Quick access to information
  • Advisory in HR and payroll areas tailored to Client’s needs
  • Timeliness and continuity of service
  • Procedures to ensure the security and confidentiality of information