Settlement of grant accounts

We offer support in accounting for state aid with reference to obtained funds

Our services

  • Financial reports preparation
  • Preparation of quarterly reports and final reports
  • Advisory in keeping an accounting record with concerning complying with formal requirements entitling to submit European Union documentation
  • Advisory in controlling and decreeing subsidy records
  • Submitting documentation on behalf of the Client to the Implementing Institutions
  • Representing the Client to the benefit thereof, in all institutions during the settlement process
  • Drafting correspondence answering to all questions directed to the Client during the process
  • Maintaining active contacts in order to acquire the financial means applied for from the Implementing Institution
  • Advisory in project promotion

Client’s benefits

  • Professional consulting and support by experts in EU and state funds in ongoing accounting for public aid. Errors in payment applications may even result in withdrawal of funding!
  • Quick access to information
  • Advisory in EU grants tailored to Client’s needs