Brand & trademark valuation

The brand and trademark are recognised as key intangible assets making up the value of the enterprise. They represent a critical element of the strategy of building recognisability of products, services and the enterprise itself.

Purpose of valuation

  • Company value management
  • Business transformations (in kind contributions)
  • Purchase or sale of intangible assets
  • Loan arranging – assets valuation for collateral purpose
  • To grant a licence to use the brand and trademark (e.g. within the franchising network)
  • Tax analysis, damage analysis

Client’s benefits

  • A professional brand and trademark valuation will help understand the potential and profitability of the business and may play a crucial role in obtaining additional financial sources, such as:
    – tax savings
    – increase of credit standing
    – licensing of trademarks and franchising
  • The scope of valuation and methods are adapted to Client’s needs and purpose of valuation
  • The result of the valuation are presented in the form of a report showing the work done, methodology and assumptions. Our valuation reports are written in a transparent and above all understandable way.