Business valuation

Business valuation is crucial in order to make decisions with regards to the sale or purchase of a company, arranging equity or restructuring.

Our services

  • Business valuation
  • Totality of assets (organized part of enterprise) valuation

During valuation process we always use individual approach adjusted to a company activity and to the purpose of valuation. The methods of valuation are adapted to Client’s needs and purpose of valuation.

Purpose of valuation

  • Restructuring and transformation of business
  • Purchase or sale
  • Merger and acquisitions
  • Tax environment, tax optimisation
  • Loan arranging – assets valuation for collateral purpose
  • Internal inform for the owner
  • Determination of share exchange ratios

Client’s benefits

  • The scope of valuation and methods are adapted to Client’s needs and purpose of valuation
  • The result of the valuation are presented in the form of a report showing the work done, methodology and assumptions. Our valuation reports are written in a transparent and above all understandable way.