Intangible assets valuation

We provide valuation services of intangible assets which are a part of the company’s intellectual capital.

Intangible assets valuation include

  • Brands and trade marks
  • Patents
  • Industrial design rights
  • Technologies
  • Know-how
  • Licenses
  • Contracts
  • Other

Purpose of valuation

  • Company value management
  • Business transformations (in kind contributions)
  • Purchase or sale of intangible assets
  • Estimation of current value of intangible assets (loan arranging)
  • Transformation of legal form company
  • Tax analysis
  • Damage analysis

Client’s benefits

  • A professional intangible assets valuation will help understand the potential and profitability of the business and may play a crucial role in obtaining additional financial sources, such as:
    – tax savings
    – increase of credit standing
    – licensing of trademarks and franchising
  • The scope of valuation and methods are adapted to Client’s needs and purpose of valuation
  • The result of the valuation are presented in the form of a report showing the work done, methodology and assumptions. Our valuation reports are written in a transparent and above all understandable way.